Hannah McCollum

Over the last twelve years, Hannah McCollum has worked as a private chef, catering for events and businesses across the UK and Europe. After witnessing the colossal amount of food waste in the catering sector, she felt driven to do her bit to tackle the issue. While at work, she would look for new ways to convert leftover vegetables into delicious dips to accompany meals. As her passion for creative cooking grew, Hannah decided to introduce her sustainable and healthy creations to the masses.

ChicP founder, Hannah McCollum, comments: “Founded on a passionate for, and commitment to, reducing food waste, ChicP is a raw vegetable hummus company, producing delicious alternative dips. 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size, but at ChicP we never turn a healthy vegetable down! I created the brand to counteract the high levels of food waste around the world, taking the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community and our natural resources, as well as influencing our health habits.”

While continuing to run ChicP, Hannah still cooks for clients around the world and travels to find inspiration from local cultures who use all the local food available to them, in the most regenerative and sustainable way, never wasting and always sharing. More recently she has become particularly interested in regenerative farming in the UK. Working on organic farms in Dorset, Cambridge and Devon most recently has enrichened her experiences and knowledge which he has been putting this into practice for new strategies for ChicP as well as in her cooking – focusing on seasonality, local and health using more plant based and herbal ingredients.

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